Mama Berri, The expert of fabricating bark cloth

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Mama Berri is an expert of fabricating bark cloth from Bada Valley, Central Sulawesi. Bark cloth is a type of fabric commonly worn by the people of the Archipelago in the past. Various communities have transformed bark cloth into varieties of clothes. The spread of this type of fabric even expanded to the people of Lautan Teduh islands. Currently, there are only a few people in Indonesia who still master the technique of making bark cloth and Mama Berri is one of them.

Mama Berri, who has been devoted to making bark cloth since young, inherited this skill from her mother. She can effortlessly explain different ingredients that originated from various types of trees, the soaking and beating process, and various beating tools to those who wish to listen. Mama Berri is an expert who is not stingy with her knowledge and a craftswoman who still wishes to work.

There is good news: these barkcloths are still well appreciated by several individuals even if they only keep them as collections. Other craftsmen and bark cloth makers similar to Mama Berri are not yet able to compete with the highly fast industrial production and are still looking for ways to adapt to a world where everything is done fast and instantly. Nevertheless, Mama berry and other experts like her still enjoy making crafts because they know that their works will not pile up in a storage room. There are always people who wish to buy their works to honor these guardians of past knowledge, which we hope will not be lost in time.

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