The Humbleness of Boti People

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The Boti people who inhabit Timor Island are traditional people who are fairly friendly to outside cultures. Yet this does not wither their paths and life choices. Halaika is their belief system, embraced mainly by the Boti people who are still living in the traditional area. There is no prohibition if one were to embrace another belief, the community would still be preserved. They will still follow what is ordered by Nama Benu, the King of Boti. However, they will no longer be allowed to live in the traditional area.

Farming and raising livestock are their work even for the King. Corn is planted as their main food. Other horticultural products are bartered to meet the needs that they have not been able to produce themselves. For livestock, they raise chickens, cows, pigs, and buffaloes. In short, Boti people are self-sufficient.

Boti people are so friendly that they will accept all social approaches that are presented to them. They most often receive assistance programs from the Government, private companies and even individuals. A government official donated an electric generator with large power that is stored around King Boti’s house. This machine is only turned on when there are guests who visit or stay overnight. Its use is limited from the afternoon to midnight only and it is put to rest on other times. They distribute the rice they obtained from the Government’s aid program back to those in need because not only do they not eat rice but also because caring for others is their true character.

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